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Catherine of Aragon

I've always enjoyed working with Royalty. So we are looking forward to promoting a campaign to restore The Priory Church of St Peter Dunstable. Famous as being the location of Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon - it could be described as the founder of the first First Wives club! The official launch is in June - so more on this later. But look out for the Priory 20/20 community project in your local media.


Airlander Update

Joined a major launch event at the world famous Cardington airship sheds on February 9th 2017 to talk about plans for an Advanced Engineering centre at Bedford College.

Bedford was once full of engineering firms, now Bedford College is training the technical talents of the future. We’ve been involved with airships on and off for decades. In one fabulous TV spot we combined an interview the last surviving WW1 airship serviceman with footage of the Fujifilm airship which was touring the UK. We also took people up and away in the Skyships which were based at Cardington in the 80s/90s.

So it was lovely to get a close up look at the Airlander - what a ship.